In this post I’m turning the spotlight on Buckingham Malice.

The weather this weekend just past was the wrong way around for me. Saturday, my park skating day was rainy so I didn’t get out. I mooched around the house pondering the world. The Men’s European roller derby championship had been and gone. Shrooms made it as one of the best blockers. Sausage Roller also launched his “budgie smuggler” group on Facebook and Scooby Zoom seemed to be a hit with his camo leggings.

Both of these guys started their men’s derby careers with The Skateful Dead. Circumstances led to them moving on to bigger teams, though I’m sure that they enjoyed their time with The Dead and this helped to keep them on track.

Enjoying what you do is, in my experience, terribly important. As you may have read in my previous post, I have only recently returned to the track to play competitively. I did so at one of our co-ed scrims. The emphasis at these events is enjoyment. Buckingham Malice goes to great lengths to impress this on players; it is part of the pep-talk before the scrims and it is re-iterated on the day. For this I am grateful.

At practice Buckingham is generous with praise and always happy to help individuals with particular skills. He manages this without being boastful or prescriptive, recognising that people have different skating skills/styles.

He frequently guest skates with bigger teams and, if he wished, would doubtless be welcomed by any team as a player. Yet he continues to skate with The Dead – a real asset to our team – as he shares what he has learnt from others :-)

Thank you Buckingham for getting me into this daft sport, helping me improve and making it so much fun!