Last weekend I bumped into a couple of old friends, Lawrence and Carly. I know them from when Imogen and I were skating at the YMCA.

They said that they were setting up a male roller derby team. The practice sessions are on Wednesdays at the Mytholmroyd community centre. Would I be interested? How could I say no?!

So I ordered some “quads” from Rawk, rush delivery, and on Wednesday last I went to my first practice session. I was such good fun! There were only a handful of us there, which worked really well for me as it was a nice easy start. I immediately found that my previous knowledge was useful – I know what “lemons” are! We practised falling, single knee, two knees (rockstar), knees and elbows (pornstar), slide and some others. Then slalom, jumps and ending on cross-overs.

Gillie (our instructor for the session) asked if we wanted to do anything else. I quietly suggested cross-overs going clockwise. I was amused when the idea was declined; roller derby is played on an oval, skating anti-clockwise. Why would we need to practice going the wrong way! :-)

Looking forward to more training and hopefully making it on to The Skateful Dead team some day :-)