Today’s training session was, in a word, awesome!

I was particularly impressed by the newer skaters.

I refrain from calling them “newbies” as that might come over as condescending, which is not my intention at all. A few of the drills involved giving and taking hits. This is something that I’m really not very good at. I was in a three with Rob and Travis. Rob is a lovely bloke, always jolly and willing to help. Travis is our newest skater, but he didn’t stop once throughout the session. He’s boney! I expect my arms to be various colours over the next week or so. He through himself into every part of the session and even had a go at jamming in the scrim.

We did another drill which first called for four volunteers – I was there in a flash. They were to jam, one at a time, against the remainder of players who formed a pack – of seven Ash, seven! ;-) When they got knocked out or down then they stopped, joined the back of the jammer line and the next one went. It was great! I didn’t get through once I don’t think, but i gave it 100% effort. Apologies to Phil for continually hitting on his shoulder – I’m also a boney beggar!

Endurance, a regular occurrence, was 40.5 in 7.5 – if my maths is correct. I think I managed 42, though I wasn’t counting, that’s based on what others got and how many times they passed me.

Finally we scrimmaged. It was a small affair, half an hour, five on one side, six on the other. Really good fun though. Now I need to rest, my arms/shoulders ache! :-)

Thanks Gillie/Carly – top session!