Hull and Home

Hull Angels Roller Dames vs Sheffield Steel Rollergirls Crucibelles

This weekend started with a train ride over to Hull to take photos at this (closed) bout. Danni Mac, who plays for HARD, put out a call for photographers on Facebook a bit ago. I jumped at the chance, having missed an opportunity in November.

I arrived at Ennerdale Leisure Centre early and grabbed an very reasonably priced chip butty and a cup of tea. Then down to the sports hall. It was Sodium lighting, like we have in the main hall at Whitcliffe Mount. I know that it’s impossible to get the white balance correct under such lighting. Shoot RAW, you’ll be fine! #crossesfingers

There was a photographer there with the Crucibelles. We had a quick chat about the light and where we were allowed to stand inside the track. We got told that too.

Iron GiantThe atmosphere was lovely. Lots of laughter between players from both teams. It quickly became apparent that Iron Giant is one of those people that spreads happiness. In reviewing the photos I see it too, so many times.

When the jam starts she puts on her game face. She both jammed and blocked and succeeded at both. Of note was some excellent blocking against She Rarr.  It seems I may have a bit of a derby crush :-)

During half time the players sang as they skated round. (I don’t recall the song, but it was very good.) I can’t imagine blokes doing that, but it would be cool IMHO.

I’d not had chance to speak to D-Mac before or during the game, but caught up with her afterwards. I also got a lift back to the station (thanks, Danni, perfect timing for the train). She’s lovely too. We chatted about guest skaters (oops, heavy topic), injuries and other derby stuff.

For those interested in the stats I took 876 photos and used just 67. For each of those I fixed white balance in UFRaw before exporting to JPEG. The views on Flickr has exceeded anything I’ve ever seen; 16,865 since I posted them at around 1pm.

View the photo set on Flickr.


Sunday is Skateful Dead training day. Not so much to report from this.

Tony O and I arrived early. It had been suggested by the captain that we might want to feedback on last week’s bout. This didn’t really happen as planned. We had a quick chat after warm up and agreed that the team needs to work on stamina and improve fitness outside of training. Endurance drill followed. Then we practised some of the stuff that had done previously – jammer against two blockers, then full wall. Some bridging.

We scrimmaged, though numbers were low, so it was three blockers and a jammer per team. This is when I got injured. I was jamming and the opposing blocker was facing me, so I went for a hit. Unfortunately we collided shoulder to shoulder and I seem to have come off worst. I’m hoping that it won’t be so bad in the morning. #sigh

Right, off to bed to rest up, late start in the morning :-)