Hull's Angels Roller Derby in AberdeenThis weekend I had the privilege to travel up to Scotland With Hull’s Angels Roller Dames as one of their photographers. They had two games lined up, Granite City Roller Girls in Aberdeen on Saturday then Dundee’s Silvery Tayzers on Sunday.

Both games were close!

Granite City

We travelled up to Aberdeen on the Friday, a nine hour journey by coach. It was sunny and the banter on the great. Some of the team played “guess who”, others read, slept or watched videos on their tablet. We got there at around 10pm, so just time for a very quick drink before everyone retired for the day.

Aberdeen is a beautiful city, made more so by the wonderful weather. I was up and out early with my camera. The beach was just a 20 minute walk away, though I wondered on along the docks to try and get some photos of the ships. I was out for about two and half hours arriving back just in time to have breakfast with the others. We had the morning to explore the city before piling back into the coach to drive to the sports hall. This, it turned out, overlooks the sea and was just a little further on than I’d walked that morning.

Jammer on JammerThe game started around 3pm. Claud Apart took lead in the first jam and scored 25 points. Nice one!

(My impression of games that I’ve photographed for the Angels is that they always win. The last one that I saw was a massive win by over 500 points. So perhaps this game would be more of the same?)

HARD continued to lead through the first half, though it became apparent that this wasn’t going to be an easy game. By half time Granite City had 82 against HARD 85.

HARD CakeThe second half was more of the same. HARD where, I think, always ahead, but never by a comfortable margin. Right up to the final whistle the game could have gone either way.

The final score was 166 Granite City to 177 Hull’s Angels – a hard fought game, one that was nerve racking to watch.

The after party was great, the Granite City team made a beautiful cake!

Silvery Tayzers

After another night in Aberdeen we set off for Dundee at 10.30am, just a good hour down the road. The game was at DISC, which whilst a little dated seems like a really good indoor sports venue. We had plenty of time to buy merchandise and raffle tickets before first whistle at 2pm.

Again HARD took the lead from the start, but the Silvery Tayzers were never far behind. Hull lead all the way through the first half but occasional penalties gave Dundee power jams allowing them to catch up. The half time score was Hull 92 to Dundee 85!

After the break the Angels came out fighting and (from memory) took lead in the first two jams. But then the Tayzers knuckled down caught and passed them, eeking out a lead that the Angels seemed unable to close. The penalties were racking up on both sides, Iron Giant fouled out, shortly followed by [#89] the Tayzer’s captain.

Both teams were having to fight for every point. With just 11 seconds on the clock it was Tayzers 173 to Angels 163. The Angels called a time out to enable one more jam. Claud was put on to jam for HARD and give it her all, got lead and got a scoring pass. Then another. The jam ended with the score board showing 177 to 173, but the Tayzers had scored points and the jam ref indicated 4 points. It was a draw at 177 points each!!

But there are no draws in roller derby though. The scores were double checked and found to be accurate and so the head referee called for another 2 minute jam.

The tension in the room was unbearable! D-Mac took to the track to jam against Crazily Insanne for the Tayzers. D-Mac got through first and powered round for a scoring pass. Insanne also got a few scoring passes before the HARD blockers shut her down. D-Mac went through again, and again and again, again, again again! Then the whistle blew. HARD had won! The final score was HARD 207 to Dundee 189. What a way for a game to end! There were tears all round, myself included.

The lessons to take away from this? 1, team work and 2, never give up!

HARD – I love you! Thank you for a wonderful weekend :-)

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