Too busy working to write

(A shameless play on the title of Kozmic Bruise’s recent post.)

At the end of June I started a new job. I need to learn a new framework, which is taking a share of my waking hours. Writing about events long after they have happened is such a chore, but I don’t feel that I can really just skip over them. Here then is a summary of things that I would have blogged about if I’d found the time.

Sur5al (Barrow in Furness)

June 21. Skateful Dead made the journey up to Barrow in Furness to take part in a men’s Sur5al tournament. I tagged along with my camera.

Sur5al is a variant of roller derby in which teams play each other in a series of two minute jams. The teams score points based on who gets lead (jammer) and who wins the jam. Most points wins. The points scored are secondary, used in the event of a tie in “Sur5al” points. There were eleven teams, some of which included Team England players. Skateful Dead didn’t expect to win, but they would make it fun and learn from it.

Men sprawled on the floorThe day was well organised. I took lots of photos and posted 464 of them to Flickr. On the down side Ballistic Whistle was a dick – giving the referee a double thumbs down gesture all the way round to the penalty box when he got called. Very disappointing to see such behaviour from a top player.

Generally, game play seemed to go completely out of the window. I have never felt that men play in the same spirit as women. Sur5al just seemed to turn it into a mindless mess of people getting hit and ending up sprawled across the floor. The came away from the event feeling rather disheartened. Skateful Dead did reasonably well, though looking back I can’t see just how well. I did note though that two of our team had no penalties – cleanest team in the tournament, of which I am very proud.

(Also, note of thanks to Knuckleduster Nat for looking after our merchandise. Thank you!)


SonicJune 29. I headed over to Hull to capture the first such tournament to be organised by Hull’s Angels. (162 photos on Flickr.)

There were four teams taking part, The Banditas, The Crucibelles, Hull’s Angels and LRD Whip-Its. Each team played every other team in 30 minute games. The Bandita’s won.

As is always the case when the Angels are involved it was well organised and loads of fun.

Co-ed Scrim Cancelled

The Skateful Dead co-ed mixed scrim scheduled for 19 July was cancelled.

Sur5al (Oldham)

On August 2 the Skateful Dead came second in the tournament, beaten only by the Barrow Infernos. Really good job!

That pretty much sums things up. The Skateful Dead host their next co-ed scrim on 30 August at Whitcliffe Mount. I should be on track for that game – nervous and excited. Tickets are available through the event page on Facebook. I hope to see some familiar faces on track with me :-)