Me at People's ParkThe first time I wore in-line skates was at the YMCA in Halifax, probably around 2004. My daughter, Imogen, was invited to a skate party there. I went along and, of course, had a go.

We starting going to the Friday evening sessions. We got our own skates and went every week until she was too old to be allowed into the junior sessions.

I fell in love with it!

I got a pair of aggressive skates and had a go, somehow avoiding serious injury. I got Elliot (my son) a skateboard, but I fell too many times. So I’ve stuck with my blades and now practice freestyle whenever I can.

Inline Certification Program logoIn 2007 I decided that I might like to teach others to skate and in April 2008 I became a qualified (ICP level 1) instructor. For me this involved an evaluation of my skate style, a month of teaching myself how to skate properly and then two and a half days more learning down in London.  I passed, so I’m actually qualified to teach people how to skate :-)

In early 2013 I bumped into Lawrence, who I know from our YMCA days. He told me about The Skateful Dead roller derby team. Well, old dog, new tricks….