We (my children and I) hadn’t planned to visit Berlin again this year, but the opportunity to stay in the flat up from my sister presented itself and it was too good an opportunity to pass on.This was our longest to date I think, ten whole days there.

It was day two before I braved the roads and took an early morning skate out to Tempelhof airport. (I’m always a little nervous the first time out skating distance on the roads/cycle lanes/pavements.) All went well and once there I paused to check that my wheel bolts hadn’t shaken too loose. Whilst tightening them up I spotted another in-line skater apparently being pulled along by a dog.

I set off to do a loop of the airport and soon caught up with her. I couldn’t resist asking about the dog, in my very bad German. She replied in perfect English and so we got chatting and skated around together. Once we got around to the entrance we seemed to be getting on very well. She asked for my phone number and said that she would be skating most mornings. So that was most of my early mornings sorted out for the remainder of the holiday!

There were some mornings where we didn’t skate and on those I set out with my camera and captured the textures of Berlin. You can see these on Flickr.

My sister and her family were generally buys, being back at school/work and so most mornings we missed breakfast with them. We did though have dinner with them every day. Thomas is an excellent cook and it was such a joy not having to think about what to eat every day.

Sunday evening was Skate by Night, though this time I only did the first loop. I’d been skating just about two hours most days, so already got the kilometers in.

On the last evening we ended up going to a park and listening to live music and drinking beer. A perfect way to end the holiday and one that made me fall in love with Berlin a little more than I already had.