Blades vs Quads?

So this weekend I trekked to People’s Park carrying two rucksacks – one for by inline skates and one for my quads. As new boy I felt I should really get some practice in. I also wanted to compare them.

The first problem was that the whole of the elevated section where I usually skate was still snow covered. Fortunately the path around the fountain was clear and dry, so I made do with that.

I started off in the quads. This was the second time I’d worn them and they still feel heavy and clunky. Cornering feels ridiculous and they wheels are very noisy on tarmac. I practised t-stops, on my my good side and my bad side! Cross-overs a little, though I didn’t fancy landing in the fountain if I got it wrong. I also tried stopping with the toe stop. I think I’ve sussed the secret of not falling over, but time will tell.

Then I switched to my inline skates. My heels felt very low! I have found this when switching between my Salomons and my Hypnos; my heel feels lower in the latter. However, the mild panic that I’d never cope with switching between the two soon passed and I was gliding about just like normal.

So, are the quads heavier than my inlines? Well yes, but only by a little bit. I weighed them, as you do, when you’re a bit OCD. The quads weigh 1.564kg each, inline skates 1.533kg each. I also weighed my aggressive inline skates. They come in at 2.137kg each! Perhaps they should be my training boot?

And the noisy wheels? This is all to do with wheel hardness. Further reading revealed that my quads have 95A wheels – normal for indoor use. My inline skates have 84A wheels, designed for concrete.

I’m looking forward to my second derby training session, which is tomorrow evening, indoors :-)