Derby Packed

Last weekend was one full of roller derby.

Skateful Scrim

Heave!Saturday saw The Skateful Dead host our second open co-ed scrimmage. The first was back in February and was well received; The second seemed just as popular. We had a good mix of players from various teams, a few who used to skate but no longer do and a few ex-fellow skaters :-)

Some of the players were big guys, Slam C Nesbitt and Jason Slaysthem for instance, and I would have been nervous stepping on track. The game was played in good spirit though, there were few penalties and thankfully no injuries.

I made it to the after party briefly and got to chat to Bruise Dog and Turbulinz who had travelled down from Glasgow! They had called in to scrim on the way down to Liverpool!


Sunday I made the, now familiar, journey over to Hull to photograph the lovely Hulls Angels. They were hosting two games:

B-HARD versus SOFT (Some Other Filthy Team)

DollyIf the team names were anything to go by then I felt that the first game would be good natured. B-HARD consisted of a few of the A team players and, I imagine, others who skate for HARD but had rarely/if ever bouted. It was the first time that I’d seen Ju on skates! SOFT was made up of a collection of other filthy skaters. I recognised a few and found out that three of them were from The Imposters! (They had played the Bandita’s the previous week.)

SOFT got off to a flying start and never looked back. The half time score was SOFT 147 to B-HARD 65. I didn’t note the final score; I think B-HARD just got into three figures but SOFT own by quite a margin.

HARD versus Haunted City

May TronHulls Angels Roller Dames are undefeated this season and so they obviously wanted a win.

From the get go they played incredibly well! Stunningly good jammers sliced through the pack, quickly taking lead in all but a few of the jams. Their blockers were horribly effective too. If the opposing jammer managed to stay on track for any length of time then they were bogged down by text book recycling! (Is there a roller derby text book?)

About half way in to the first period one of Haunted City skaters fell and didn’t get up. Not something that you ever get used to seeing. She just lay motionless on the track. The jam halted, everyone took a knee and the medics were called over. At first I thought she’d been knocked unconscious but she hadn’t. She was carefully tended to and once her skates were removed she was helped off track. A collective sign of relief was breathed and the game continued.

By half time the score stood at HARD 300 against Haunted City 9 – their unbeaten streak looked safe, but they didn’t ease off in the second half and pushed the score to 593 versus 38 by the final whistle.

Happy!Of note though was the spirit with which Haunted City continued to play. At no point did they seem down-heartened or stop trying. Ginge, their key jammer, was smiley all of the time – I’m sure she won many new fans today, myself included. Derby spirit at it’s best!

(Photo stats. I took 1,550 photos across the two games. Following review I once again find that this results in around one photo per minute. I posted 57 and 68 photos respectively.)

Hulls Angels next games are 31 May/1 June up in Scotland. I’m trying to figure out how I can get up there to capture those games.