Hull, it’s not shit

Bit of a crazy start to the day. I misread the train times last night so set my alarm for the wrong time. Then I was slow getting up. I had a niggle that I’d not left myself much time to get out to Ennerdale Leisure Centre.

Cup of tea in hand I realised my error. Panic ensued, a taxi to Hebden Bridge, the York train and made Leeds on time for the Hull train.

It was full of Man City fans drinking lager and, therefore, taking it in turns in the toilet. Train toilets are never terribly nice places to be and in contrast those at the station in Hull were lovely!

In the rush I forgot to pack my sticky hybrid wheels. As I sit in the café typing this I rather hope that the floor here is forgiving :-)

Post Scrim

The scrim was really good! Thank you Death Row for organising it. We did a bit of a warm up and then played an ice breaker game, which I’m totally going to steal and take back for our scrims. The teams were well balanced and everyone played with a lovely derby spirit. We played three 30 minute periods, which was just enough to leave us nicely tired. I don’t know what the final score was. Team Goody Two Shoes was leading by 30 points at the end of the first period, after that I lost track.

I got a few penalties, failure to reform once and cutting track probably 4 times. The best thing is, I didn’t feel out of place, so a huge thank you to Skateful Dead for progressing me to this level.

Ennerdale Leisure Centre is quite old, but it works well. The floor was forgiving, just a good level of grippy and I wouldn’t have put my other wheels on even if I’d had them with me. The showers are open plan and were quiet, so I didn’t have to worry about all my stuff when using them.

I’m also very happy with the public transport. Buses to/from Ennerdale are frequent and right outside the door. Once back to the town centre I grabbed food and headed out the the hostel that Nicc is working on. I got a little lost, but what a bonus! I stumbled across the arty bit of Hull on my way. Once I dropped my stuff off I headed back out with my (little) camera. There are some amazing buildings in the old part of town. As I type this I’m sat in a park listening to a fountain. Beautiful evening :-)

Party HARD

DaveThe day was rounded off with Hulls Angels 4th birthday party. Miley Si Rush was in this part of town early, so we went for a drink then on to the party.

It was great opportunity to chat with some lovely people. I most often only get time with the team on game days and they’re quite hectic. I find it of great value to talk about derby, to hear different opinions but, often it seems, to find my views aligned with others.

Thank you HARD for a jolly good party :-)

My bed for the night was in the hostel. I slept really well, thank you Nicc for letting me stay. It’s going to be amazing when it’s done :-)

(An individual/small collective in Hull came up with an ace t-shirt that reads “Come to Hull, it’s not shit anymore”. If you what one you should purchase it here.)

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  1. It was a great day, nice to meet you and the other lovely and friendly people, all with vastly different skill levels. Definitely a fun day, thanks to Deathrow Hull, I know I will see them at the next one if I can, I hope you can make it there too. :)

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