Leeds (and more)

On Saturday I was with camera over at Futsal near Leeds. Two games from Tier Two of the British Championships, Hot Wheel vs Newcastle followed by Leeds Roller Dolls vs Hull’s Angels. Both promised to be interesting games.

It was lovely to catch up with the Angels. I also found that I know (or recognise) players from all of the other teams – I’ve even been on track with some of them! I also knew some of the refs and NSOs. Being part of this community makes me very happy!

Hot Wheel vs Newcastle

Joanna BruisinGoing into this game I felt that Newcastle would win, perhaps by quite a margin. They took the lead early and lead throughout the first period, though never with an insurmountable lead. The half time score was 67 to 98.

Jerry Attric must have given a good pep talk during the break. Hot Wheel came out fighting, almost doubling their scoring rate! Half way through the second period there was a 9 point difference, 122 for Hot Wheel against 131 Newcastle. It looked like they might just do it! But then Newcastle pushed a little harder, not only holding on, but extending the lead. The game finished at 150 to 194.

Leeds Roller Dolls vs Hull’s Angels

Whilst I so wanted Hull to win this, I know that LRD are a really strong team. During the warm up I noticed that Leeds were playing just 11 players (14 being the usual) – so perhaps that would favour Hull? HARD were playing some skaters that I’ve seen (recently) skating on the B team. Great to see players making progress. Well done Chickass and Kinevil Dead. The other fresh face that I didn’t recognise was Lee, a recent transfer from Liverpool Roller Dolls.

Leeds controlled the game from the first jam and extended it throughout. There seemed to be be two main factors. One, their walls were rock solid and their recycling first class. Two, Ripunzel seemed to be able to find a clear lane on the inside of pack every time see needed to get through.

During the first period El Nasser fell/got knocked down to the outside of turns one and two. She was obviously immediately in pain and didn’t get back up. The game stopped, medics attended to her and she was moved out of the way. An ambulance was called to provide pain relief and she stayed until the end of the game. It transpires that she has broken her fibula in two places. Not good at all for a skater. I wish her a very speedy recovery.

Hard played, well, hard throughout the game but Leeds were relentless. In the second half Iron Giant got expelled for a back block on Rip – the result of mistimed blocking attempt I believe, but she fell as a result. (Giant was immediately most apologetic and again after the game.)

An eventful game, ending at 279 for Leeds against 88 to Hull. (I later noted that UKRDA rank Leeds 6th and HARD 20th.)


No Gillie and Phil again this week, so once again Carly stepped up and came up with a really great session – she deserves a medal! It was good to see captain Chris – not skating and obviously still not comfortable even when walking. Bilb was also there (not skating) – good to see him too. On track we had Baker, Jim, Matt, Niven, Buckingham, Lloyd, Tony and me.

This week we had a mix of drills, some time to work on personal goals and an extended endurance section. One of my goals is to be able to lead with my left foot; years of leading with my right is difficult to change. Finally, whist eight is short of a full team, it does allow us to scrim with two balanced reasonably sized teams, and that we did.

I’m pleased to report that my skate repair seems to have worked well. There was no detectable flexing as there had been before the repair and the fracture doesn’t appear to have spread any further. My back felt a little tender after the session so I did loads of stretching when I got home and it was fine. Happy!