Plough Roll

Yesterday the weather was good enough to get some time skating in the park – People’s Park. In the end I managed just about 4 hours, which made me very happy.

In amongst messing around with cone slaloms I kind of practised transitions and plough stops. I also stopped and chatted with loads of people. First there was Rafiq. He has a disabled son who is showing an interest skating. So I helped him for a bit. I also chatted to a Polish couple – their son enjoyed cycling though my cones. A bloke, 37, who used to play Rugby but is now into downhill mountain biking. Finally a bloke from down south who, I think, felt I must be mad. He made his escape when I started talking about wheel hardness.

So, on a technical level, I confirmed that I lead *everything* with my right foot. My clockwise transition from front to back feels smooth. When I broke it down I found that I go from my usual slight right foot lead to a scissor with left foot leading. Then I rotate, but immediately switch to a scissor with my right foot leading (going backwards). I spent some time forcing myself to roll backwards with my left foot leading. I got to a point where I could rotate, but it seems very clunky.

Next I worked on my plough stop. I frankly got nowehere with it and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Everytime it took me about 10 metres to come to an almost stop. So that’s something to work on!