Yesterday, after an evening out with friends in Leeds, I got a late train home. As I walked down the carriage I recognised a young lady from the days that I used to commute to Leeds. As I got closer to her table, scanning seats and trying to decide where to sit, she moved her bag. It felt like an invitation which I accepted.

“Thank you. I recognise you from the commute?” I said. “Yes,” she replied “you always worked on your netbook. It had your Twitter name on it. You’re Mytholmroyd.”

This surprised me!

When travelling I notice others. I make up stories about them. Nothing detailed, but it’s fun to look at peoples clothes, shoes, reading material, hands, hair and guess what they do. I suppose I fancy myself as a bit of a Holmes :-) But I never considered that others do the same; or if they don’t, that they even notice what is going on around them. To be recognised is really quite flattering, that it is with some level of detail is lovely.

We chatted all the way back to Mytholmroyd, she carried on to Todmorden. As I stood to leave she thanked me for talking to her. How sweet!

It felt very much like we’d been waiting to talk to each other but never had the nerve to do so. I smiled for the rest of the evening and will make more of an effort to talk to people on the train.