Here are my targets* for 2015

  • To work harder on my physical fitness in order to improve at roller derby
  • To use both film and digital cameras for frequently to widen the scope of my photography
  • To improve my programming skills, in particular the use of tests, Groovy and Grails

Okay, that’s the summary, you can stop reading now, below I just expand these.

Fitness (Roller Derby)

I’ve set six month targets here, so by the end of June I’d like to be able to achieve the following.

  • Ten single leg squats on either leg
  • 40 press ups in two minutes
  • Run 10k in 45 minutes


The only time I find to use my DSLR is when photographing Roller Derby. I barely use my X100 or my film cameras. Aims here are for the year.

  • Use a camera at least once a fortnight for subjects other than roller derby
  • Use my film cameras often enough to develop a film every two months

Programming (Work/Android)

I program at work but also at home on Android apps. Improving my skills in Groovy and Grails will naturally happen, but I’d like to accelerate that progress. We test all of the time at work, but I don’t use coded tests for my Android apps. From this then.

  • In the next six months, to be asked to present a topic to the team
  • In the next six months, introduce written tests for my Android apps

* There are many opinions on making new year resolutions. I consider it a useful marker against which to measure progress.