Red Nose Day 2009

Yesterday was Red Nose Day. A few of us at work agreed that we wanted to do something, but what? Cycling home the idea struck me – lets wear wigs!

Me, as Amy WinehouseThe following day we announced it and other ideas were added, a Bring & Buy sale and a puzzle, with a bottle of wine as the prize. I managed to borrow six wigs from a friend (thanks Vicky) so I had a good choice, and spares for others. To get people in the spirit, Mo photographed me wearing each one and I made a voting sheet. I put it up in the kitchen at work so that colleagues could choose my look for the day. Ten of the seventeen votes were for the long black wig, with suggestions (and doodles) of Brian May, Charles the First and Amy Winehouse.

When I mentioned it to Mo she said “Ooh!, I’ll do your eye make-up!” and that was decided.

Anyway, it was a really great day. I wore a wig, tattoos and eye-liner all day at work and for skating in the evening. Others joined in, wearing wigs, ribbons and red hair spray. There was a Red Nose lunch in the Piece Hall. The Bring & Buy was a success too. We had enough for me to hawk around the building at the end of the day.

Lots of fun and we raised almost £130 for Comic Relief. Thank you to everyone at Westgate House.