Two Years

Today is my second Derbyversary!

It seems that one doesn’t have a party for such things, but any derby events around now surely count.

Yesterday evening was the first “party”, Banditas training. It wasn’t as well attended as some have been, so the scrim didn’t really work and was quickly replaced by drills and endurance. Of note, Miffy Mayhem’s speed and jamming are excellent. Dislo-Kate-Her’s hits and blocking are hard! Gremlin is cool, we played Creepy Blocker and paired up during endurance :-)

Tomorrow’s “party2 is over in Leeds. Hull’s Angels are playing Hellfire Harlots and Leeds RD and playing Manchester. I’ll be there with my camera, possibly for both games, but I should really be packing for…

… today is also my last day at work before the Easter holiday. I have my kids for two weeks, we fly to Berlin on Sunday to spend much of that time with my sister and her family. Berlin is flat – ideal for skating. I skate in-lines there, so a bit of a break from derby, but still wheels on feet and definitely a party!