What’s in a name?

I got involved in roller derby two years ago. Within a few months I was to play and for this I needed a number and name.

As fans of The Big Bang Theory will know, 73 is the best number, and so that decision was easy. A derby name felt easy too, I just went with my online name – sk8geek.

The day before my birthday I was out with my friend Alex. We met up for food and drink and then headed to Wharf Chambers for the screening of Whip It! (Hosted by Leeds RD). She suggested a new derby name for me – one that I instantly loved! I put it to the team and they also like it.

New tops have been ordered and I’ll now be skating as Lilley Savage  :-)

This is so much better than sk8geek. It meets the derby traditions of being a play on my name and sounding aggressive. I feel it also works well with my physical build, lack of beard/tattoos/piercings and penchant for decorative leggings.

Win! Nice one Alex :-)