I don’t know of a precise way to measure how good a practice session was.

One measure could be how fast the session passes. Our Sunday sessions run from 2.30 to 5pm. It was 4.30 before I realised the time. We’d started with some work on laterals then covered falls and walls for the newer skaters. I’m quite tall, so I’ve been trying to stay really low. I hope I’m getting better at it!

Enjoyment during the session would possibly work, but that’s a bit wishy washy. I enjoy skating so much there is little/no differentiation between sessions. I’ve been suffering a bit of a cold since Friday evening and felt pretty crappy yesterday. I was considering just watching today, but that’s no fun! Anyway, the prospect of skating this afternoon lifted my spirits right from the get go this morning.

It was great to see Careless Santana back on his skates, though (annoyingly, as I was targeting him) he seems not to have lost much ground in the weeks that he’s been away. The newer guys are also rather solid, The Beast and Bilbosaur (is that right Bilb?) both seem impossible to knock over/off track.

We also played a game (did a drill/call it what you will) called “Homewrecker” (from memory). This was ace. I started off paired with Si Clops and Buckingham Malice tried to break us apart for three seconds or more. Some powerful hits from Buckingham, but I was pleased that Si and I managed to pretty much hold him off. (Si took most of the hits :-) )

This week my personal goal was to work on power from my thighs when hitting/blocking. Given that I failed to knock anyone over/off then I’d have to say I have some work to do!! Oh well…

On the way home it occurred to me that I really ache! And that is my benchmark this week – how achy am I? Lots! Really good session guys. Thank you :-)


One thought on “Benchmarking

  1. I ask myself a lot “was that a good session”

    When reffing I think about the wrong/bad/light calls but its also good to think about the good calls or the tricky ones that were solid

    If there isn’t anything to think about as a ref it means you’re doing your job properly :) haha

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