For the past few months the sticky note on the kitchen cupboard has been nagging me to blog, but the demand of work have robbed me of much of my free time. This post is a quick wrap up of events over the past (nearly) three months.

Inspire Centre

Skateful Dead’s new training venue, at the Inspire Centre of Calderdale College is going well, though the Tuesday sessions are rather quiet. On a number of occasions there have been just three of us on track. These are still really useful though. Two blockers against a jammer is a good drill. On Sunday’s we do better for numbers, though not a full team. Last week was our last for a few weeks; an enforced break as the hall is being used for enrolment. There were five on track. I’m welcoming the break. I’ve injured my ankle and need to rest it.


Ta-da!In mid June I was over in Hull celebrating the marriage of Jenna and Matthew. A very enjoyable and relaxed event with lots of lovely people; Jenna’s parents treated me like family from the moment I met them. The party was at Thieving Harry’s out in what I consider the old part of Hull. Really good food, dancing until the early hours. Jenna had talked me into doing photos, which actually went well I think, though I didn’t do enough film. Thank you for inviting me! :-)


At the end of June I was in Nottingham as HARD’s photographer. A double header pitched the Angels against Newcastle and the Harlots against Manchester. The outcomes were no surprise, Newcastle beating HARD 505 to 60.


Hull again in mid July to referee a mixed scrim hosted by HARD. Not well attended, the teams where a little short, as was the ref crew. The consequence was that I got to jam ref. The prospect scared me but I managed. Thanks to Beat Monkey for explaining how to do it. Having two whistles now makes sense. Another notch in my reffing portfolio!


At the end of July my sister and her family were visiting from Berlin. I took a week off to spend time with them. Lovely to see them. (A stupid twinge in my back gave pain for a few days.)


August 1st was our first co-ed scrim at the new venue. Reasonably well attended by a lovely mix of skaters. The game was close, white team losing by one point. My mum, son and nephew came to watch and all enjoyed it – I feel it gave them an insight into my addiction to the sport. (An aside. Yesterday evening I “made” my mum watch Whip It! Chatting afterwards she asked if there were any teams like the Holy Rollers in the UK – agressive/win above all else. She then added that she didn’t see any such bad attitude at the co-ed. That we all seemed like really nice people. Good to hear this from an “outsider”.)

Triple Header!

40 707A short hop to Leeds to see Hot Wheel take on Leeds, HARD play Manchester and then Harlots against Newcastle. Three good games, Newcastle’s win making them champions on their tier. I believe they now travel down south to play against the winners of the equivalent tier.
The past week has been a bit crazy as I’d still not found time to post all of the photos from Harlots/Manchester game back in June! However, they are done. Some lovely, and much needed, feedback – thank you Dave. There are some very talented photographers covering roller derby now. This is great for the sport but I was starting to feel that photos needed to be better. I’m spending more time outside of the track now, moving around more to get different views.


PepperToday I’ve been over in Hull covering the HARD A and B games. (The journey gave me opportunity to blog!)

HARD A played Sheffield All Stars and won comfortably, 211 to 84. Sheffield are a great team, they have fun on track, never give up and never seem to be down. A few cuts, bumps and bruises but everyone came out smiling. Well played!

Some fresh skaters on track today with HARD B against Leicester’s B team. Another game played in good spirit. Hull took an bit of a lead to start with but Leicester pulled it back. With 15 minutes to go in the second period they were level. Leicester though pressed on and took a win by 33 points, 187 to 154. Oddly, not only have I never seen Leicester play they have never really been on my radar. I put that right today and bought a T-shirt to prove it :-)

RenegadeI assumed that there would be food at the venue but there wasn’t. I had water with me, but nothing to eat. Abi sorted out a pain au chocolate. Then I had the neat idea of asking Iron Giant to grab me something for a shop if she had time. She arrived having made me a very yummy ham salad roll, with an apple, crisps and chocolate biscuits. What an absolute super star! :-) (I’d baked her marmite and cheese biscuits, and they were well received.)

Also got chance to chat to Giant, Jenna and Fenno (who did his first ‘proper’ reffing today), Sarah (pictured here, who I didn’t realise played derby, had her first game today, jammed, scored loads of points and got an award!), Scissors, Havoc (as a zebra), Abi, Dave (a little bit)(first Head Reffing today) and Holly.

A lovely day!