My focus this weekend has been getting my daughter moved out of the Midgley house and in with me.

On Friday I hired a van for half a day to move bulky items then do a mad dash over to IKEA. B&Q in the afternoon for a few other bits and pieces. For the rest of the day and much of Saturday I was fitting a blind, hanging a mirror and painting.

The result though is that her room looks great. She had a neat idea for using marble effect sticky back plastic to cover a plain table. Tricky – air bubbles – but it looks good and works well in the room.

Goodbye Whitcliffe

Sunday was The Skateful Dead’s last training session at Whitcliffe Mount School. It felt quite well attended, though when I list those on track I count only six (Baker, Buckingham, Lloyd, Matt, Mikey and me. Sue Perman was guest coaching, though she stepped on track a little. Carly and Gillie were also there in their normal roles.)

We’ve been at Whitcliffe for about two years, and they’ve been great! Friendly staff and always willing to work with us. We’ve had probably six co-ed scrims there, which have all run smoothly. We would have liked to stay there but Kirklees are closing the centre next May, so obviously we’ve been looking for a new venue. We found a new space about a month ago and have had a couple of sessions there already. It’s much easier to get to, modern, and has a beautiful floor – very smooth, glad of my Reckless Envys :-)

Training Hell

We’ve started with a second weekly training session, just an hour on Tuesday evening. At first I didn’t think that this would work particularly well. An hour doesn’t sound like much, and I wondered if people would travel, potentially for almost an hour, to spend an hour on track. Then there’s warm up/cool down times. It just wouldn’t work. Well, I’m pleased to admit that I was wrong.

The sessions are at our new venue and we can usually get in to the hall early. We tend to turn up early and warm up so we’re ready to start proper on the dot. Last weeks session was good, last nights was awesome! Gillie and Carly pushed us really hard. It was non-stop effort for the full hour. We revised, and then put into practice, some of the stuff that we’d covered on Sunday. Thrown into the mix were “instant jams” in which Carly calls five seconds and we all dash to form on track before a jam starts.

I thought I might throw up at one point! I also found myself checking the clock to see how long we had to suffergo. I also got a bit shouty at towards the end of the session – we were all tired and our walls were slow to form, fell apart and were then slow to reform. A mark of exhaustion!

Looking forward to next week already!