Different League

After a few quiet training sessions, a cancelled Sunday and a Tuesday with only two of us, today we where back to normal. “Normal” for us is five.

The drill then was three blockers against a jammer and an assist. We rotate the jammer and mix up the teams. I enjoyed the session, but I do feel like I’m playing way out of my league, especially when I’m jamming.

All the others seemed to make quick work of the wall with fancy footwork, stop and go stuff or just powering through. I just got stuck every time. I can push through, but only if my assist holds position and I knacker myself out heaving blockers 30 feet down the track. I don’t know what to do to improve.

Anyway, the superstars this evening were HYLANDER, Dubinator, Si-Clops and Buckingham Malice.

(On the way home our superstar ref/coach/everything posted praise in our Facebook group. Obviously a good session!)