Gender. Who cares?

Earlier this week there was discussion on social media about a vitriolic blog post regarding men, sport and roller derby. I responded, off line, to Treble Maker’s request for respectful comments and was pleased to get a reply from her. There was also discussion in our private Facebook group.

One benefit of the post was to make the reader stop and consider their experiences and views of the sport. Writing those down for Treble Maker helped of course.

Perhaps the most important thing that I noted is that I have never considered gender to be an issue in roller derby. Never on track nor off. Players, referees and NSOs – gender doesn’t matter.

Skateful Dead is a small team (we’re working on it!) and so for most of us our co-ed scrims are our only game time. The emphasis of these has always been fun – above all else. I’ve never stopped to consider the split of male/female players on the teams. It’s not an issue.

We have a number of women train with us almost every session. That’s never been an issue either, not for the team nor, that I’m aware, for them. We just have all the fun!

Today was a lovely session. There were eight playing, Gillie coaching and Carly reffing, so after some skills work we had enough to scrim with short teams.

Thank you folks for making my Sunday morning so much fun xx