This week I seem to have fallen back in to doing more exercise.

Short Version

  • Friday, bouldering (indoor)
  • Saturday, run
  • Today, roller derby

Rambling Version

If you’ve read this far then well done! I was reading back through this blog last week and it brought back lots of memories about my progress playing and understanding roller derby.

Friday I was off work and made the effort to go over to The Depot near Leeds. I used to climb/boulder twice a week, so I suppose at the time it was my “roller derby”. I’ve been to The Depot a few times (with Alex). Great venue, easy to get to, routes are changed frequently and they do coffee and cake! It was a reconnaissance trip as some of the team are interesting in giving it a go. It was as well I did as I’m only allowed to sign in two non-members.

I really enjoyed it. As it was during the day it was really quiet. I did sudoku/crossword on the way there and read (The Hunger Games, still not finished it Katie) on the return journey.

Yesterday was fine and I really had no excuse not to go for a run. It was a little frustrating to start with. I intended to do my usual 5km route but the steps down to the tow path were barricaded – they’re working on the canal over quite a length at the moment. I carried on along the main road then came back along the cycle route. Right knee was uncomfortable towards the end so I only did 4km in about 23 minutes. Room to improve!

Today was Skateful Dead practice. Si and Dave were absent, both for very valid reasons. We had five on track, Liz, Trubs, Woolley, Bucky and myself, with Carly reffing/coaching. It was a really good session. Sweaty! We have (slightly more formally, we don’t do politics) agreed that training sessions will be co-ed. This was, I think, the first session where females have out-numbered males, surely a clear indicator that gender is of no importance in this game :-)

As we were walking out Woolley noted that, while she is the same age as my daughter, she felt that all of us (present) were her age. I quite understand this and it makes me very happy.

And if you’ve bothered to read this far then thank you, now go do some housework, which is what I’m avoiding!