Skate Like a Girl #2

The Skateful Dead have long been open to guests training with us and a little while ago we officially made our practice sessions co-ed. It is working very well.

I post this evening to sing the praises of Sonic Ruth. She is probably known to many of you. She captains Halifax Bruising Banditas and has been training with us for a few months now.

At the end of every session I tell her that her hits are awesome. This evening was little different except with one of her hits she winded me.

Now I’m no muscle monster, but I’m taller than her and, I’d hope, stronger. I would expect to get beasted by a bigger blokes but not by her. It somehow shocks me every time and yet I love it!

Add to that her speed and change of direction and Bucky and I often found ourselves with no solution to her hitting, duking and escaping us.

Thanks for training with us Sonic! x