More Like It!

After a few weeks with barely enough skaters to train (three plus Carly last week) today’s attendance was much improved! Seven of us on track, plus Carly AND Gillie.

The focus this week was on switching between offence and defence. There was some endurance thrown in for good measure and a bit of a scrim at the end.

Skaters today were Si, Baker, Buckingham, Jim, Niven, Mikey and myself. Good to have Niven back on track – it’s been too long. Jim is making excellent progress. He’s solid and hits just bounce off him. Mikey is improving fast too, never afraid to get stuck in.

I got some good feedback about a few of my hits. When my hits are effective I just need to be bold enough to follow through, pass the blocker and skate away.

Great to have Gillie back with us too. It releases Carly to do her reffing duties but also gives us a second pair of eyes looking out for penalties.